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Role Administration

I am new to AdminStudio. We have AdminStudio 10.0 PRO installed. in the online help I see a page on Role Administation. It talks about the role administration page and I can't find this page. I have looked in AdminStudio and InstallShield 11 and...

hh1234 by Level 5
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ISEXP error 6103

I am using AdminStudio Enterprise Edition 9.5 on WinXPRecently upon trying to build I receive the error-ISEXP error 6103 Could not find CreateFile...This is occurring with all applications I am attempting to build.Any help with this issue is greatly ...

AVSAVS by Level 2
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Workflow manager comments field and SQL Query?

Hi,I need help is creating a custom reqport with sql query to get the below reports:1) APPID,APPNAME,Comments (App Status Comments in WFM)2) APPID,APPNAME, Current workflow phase and current owner of the phase, request received date and request comp...

AdminStudio 10 unable to extract files

Greetings all,I've downloaded the AdminStudio10.exe this morning and have tried to install it but on both machines I've tried I get "There is not enough space on drive c:\to extract this package" One has 35Gb the other 96Gb any ideas?I'm downloading ...

emason by Level 4
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Hi All,My problems are two fold and I think they may be related.I downloaded the evaluation of WFM but it had no serial number so I used the one from the proprty table of the extracted MSI. I launch WFM and enter my credentials but I get an error me...

fritoz by Level 2
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AdminStudio v10 Install Questions

Hello All,Background InformationI'm installing AdminStudio v10 on a Windows Server 2008 R2, with IIS v7.0 (with IIS v6.0 compatibiltiy mode turned on). Also IIS v7.0 was installed with the default configuration selected and with ASP.NET and associat...

SSopcak by Level 2
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trying to use for the 1sst time - error

HiI just downloaded the demo version.Now I am trying to repackage a setup.exe app using MS hyper-V client.I installed a fully updated XP sp3 image and then started a 'Application conversion project Wizard'.created a new projectChose to browse for the...

Symbiot by Level 4
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Virtual Package Editor uses App-V 4.5?

I created my first package with AdminStudio 10 Virtual Package Editor and to my surprise it indicated in History built with App-V version and I am on version I am not sure if it is indicating this because of remnants of an old ...

Custom Rules for registry Conflict

Hello,I would like to know what clause I need to analyse conflict between keys which have the same value.The ACE24 works only for the same key with different value.Thanks