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Non-Advertised shortcut -conversion stopped

I am trying to create a msi file for this app - Netsupport 10.5. When I try to build this project I get this log file. Then at the end I see Conversion stopped with one or more errors. How do I get a advertised shortcut or how can I exclude the sh...

Copying Packages to Multiple Groups

This is not working for me as described in the instructions.Holding down the control key and trying to drag an application into the desired group nothing happens.Right clicking on the application brings a menu but copy is not an option.

Desktop shortcut for each user

I have an MSI package with Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts.I want the Start Menu shortcuts to remain in All Users, but I want to create a Desktop shortcut for each user of the machine -- NOT to All Users. My users are not admins and they want to be ...

Application Catalog Database Server: sizing

Hi, we have no production experience with AdminStudio.Planning version 10.How to size the Application Catalog Database Server ? No info in the Release Notes. We need to plan well ahead to get the right capacity.No info on the intensity of use. Does A...

Setup.exe command line and verbose logging

I have a situation where I have an msi already created but need it to be wrapped up into a setup. So I open up the ism and created a new release, under the setup.exe tab I want to populate the command line with "/qb /l*v c:\windows\system32\Companyn...

Installation monitoring taking a very long time

Hi,I am using Admin Studio 10.0 Repackager and Installation Monitoring to capture a Setup.exe of SAS92 software which was run from a UNC path.This is on VMWare workstation running windows 7 64 bit OS. The software installed and ran OK (takes 30 minut...

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Application catalog schema compatibility

Is the Application Catalog schema for AdminStudio 9.x the same as AdminStudio 10.x? I can't upgrade all licenses from 9.x to 10 just yet and want to make sure I can have both versions coexist in a client/server configuration.

Change Lockpermissions table with Custom Action

Is it possible to change or add items in the LockPermissions table through a custom action?I've seen a lot of vbs scripts that can change table values of MSI's. But those vbs scripts are not in a Custom Action of the MSI itself.I like to make a custo...