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Copying Packages to Multiple Groups

This is not working for me as described in the instructions.

Holding down the control key and trying to drag an application into the desired group nothing happens.

Right clicking on the application brings a menu but copy is not an option.
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Hi Norbert,

It's a little weird how you have to do this, I suspect as a consequence of moving to the "Application-Center" organization of the AdminStudio 10 catalog.

Basically, you have to right click the other folder and select "New Application" to create a container to ctrl-drag the existing MSI package to from under its Application container. Dragging the Application-level object doesn't work.

Does this work for you?
Hi Cory. Did not work.

I right clicked on "Groups" and selected "New Group". I then right clicked on "New Group" and selected "New Application". I then tried to ctrl+drag the MSI package to over "New Application" but that did not work. Instead the MSI moved from under the old container to "New Group".