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Create Directory on network drive probem....

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I am trying to create a user working directory on network drive during the software installation. However, MSI doesn't work at all, the repackager can't even record it down.

I've tried to do a simple snap-in, just create a directory on local c:, local d: and also network drive u:, my MSI only create the folder in local C:, but not in 😧 and U:

Anyone can give me a hand ?

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In AdmnStudio 3.5, you need to modify default.ini, section "Options", value "PathList", to add additional paths for monitoring. To do so programmatically, you can use Snapshot method with Multiple steps (Classic Style).

I don't have AdminStudio 5 installed, I can't verify how it can be done.
Yes, if you are using the default exclusion list only C:\ is monitored during the repackaging. You can use Analysis Options editor to load your exclusion list and add the drives to monitor any changes.
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Thanks for your prmompt reply.

What about if I just want to create a directory in the network drive ? How can I do it ? Can I do it manually ? Coz I don't to want to start from scratch .... 😞

Thanks again!
Yes, you can create a directory in the Network drive. You have to use the tricks in the Directory table to accomplish this. Say you want to create a folder called 'Sample Name' in H Drive, using the Direct Editor in Developer create entries in the Property Table and Directory Tables.

Directory Table entries:

Directory Directory_Parent DefaultDir


Property Table Entries:

Name Value



1. Make sure that when the MSi is installed, you have the H drive mapped. Otherwise you will get a Windows Installer error 1606

2. Since you are hard coding the value in the property table, you will get an ICE48 warning.