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Signing MSIX Packages

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MSIX packages must be digitally signed for successful installation on endpoints. Unlike traditional packages like MSI, EXE, etc., this is a new and mandatory requirement for MSIX packages. While this might be one additional step in your application p...
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Video: Ten Topics of Interest to Packagers

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Not AdminStudio content, but of interest to those that work in AdminStudio, I offer the below video shared as my general session from the 2021 App Manage Event where I discuss the following topics... The importance of packaging today MSIX: Why and w...
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MSIX? AdminStudio Has You Covered

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Since its announcement in 2018, AdminStudio has been introducing more and more MSIX capabilities alongside new and innovative features that together make for an indispensable solution. We introduced a suitability reporting capability just weeks afte...
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AdminStudio Evolves Beyond "Standard"

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AdminStudio has evolved beyond that of a repackaging suite helping to increase the speed and quality of preparing security and feature updates for deployment. Like no other solution on the market, it addresses the critical need of providing packages ...
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Requesting Additions to the Package Feed Module

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The AdminStudio Package Feed Module is the largest resource of its kind. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource covering those applications for which we can provide the best experience. While there is no such thing as a catalog that ...
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Introducing Package Automation in AdminStudio 2020!

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Many enterprise organizations have anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of applications deployed in their environment. IT Professionals are naturally faced with many challenges to support this, including: The time spent preparing and m...
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Package Feed Module Enhancements are Here!

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AdminStudio 2021 introduces significant improvements to increase the value of the Package Feed Module. In the video below I talk about the improvements which include third party custom installation wizards for Windows Installer packages, validated si...
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Package Testing Webinar (Feb 2021)

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As part of our Packaging Experts Roundtable series, we discussed Package Testing as our primary topic of February 2021. We discuss, "Types of testing" (Requirements Analysis, Deployment/Launch Validation, Pilot/Functional Testing). We discuss, "When...
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