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Packaging From Home

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With an increasing number of customers working from home, I wanted to share some tips and information around how to leverage AdminStudio remotely. Some work from home regularly, and for some this is a new situation with new challenges. If you package...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

AdminStudio MSIX Editor Beta Program

3 3 587
Have you gotten your hands dirty with MSIX yet? Are you already converting, troubleshooting, customizing and possibly even deploying MSIX packages in your environment? If you are, or plan to soon, you are just the kind of early adopter we'd love to ...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

How Many Installers Does AdminStudio Package Feed Module Cover?

3 1 452
Unlike the Vendor Patch Module for Software Vulnerability Manager, there really are no competitive offerings when it comes to what AdminStudio provides with its Package Feed Module. Just what you get and for how many applications is nonetheless highl...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

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