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Setting up connection between AdminStudio and Microsoft Intune

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AdminStudio can now integrate with Microsoft Intune to publish applications. This was one of the most requested and awaited features in AdminStudio. In the current pandemic situation, we are seeing an increasing trend of organizations adopting SaaS s...
by Flexera kmantagi Flexera

Introducing Package Automation in AdminStudio 2020!

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Many enterprise organizations have anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of applications deployed in their environment. IT Professionals are naturally faced with many challenges to support this, including: The time spent preparing and m...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

Packaging From Home

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With an increasing number of customers working from home, I wanted to share some tips and information around how to leverage AdminStudio remotely. Some work from home regularly, and for some this is a new situation with new challenges. If you package...
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AdminStudio MSIX Editor Beta Program

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Have you gotten your hands dirty with MSIX yet? Are you already converting, troubleshooting, customizing and possibly even deploying MSIX packages in your environment? If you are, or plan to soon, you are just the kind of early adopter we'd love to ...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator