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Download trial of Adminstudio Enterprise Edition

Hello,I check to download Adminstudio Enterprise Edition to test it, but when I click on the link to download it, it seems to download Adminstudio Client (I install it and I confirm, it's the Adminstudio Client)I have a serial number licensing, and I...

fabinus by Level 2
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AutomatedApp Converter

I'm trying to create a virtual app in Admin Studio 10 SP2. I'm using hyperV for my VMs. Everytime i run the Automated App Converter tool, i get "Error 1627 reverting virtual machine to snapshot AutoRepack_Base. " anyone have any ideas? I have mad...

howyii by Level 4
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Tuner stopped launching/working on Studio 10

Out of the blue Tuner stopped working on my AdminStudio 10. Did the, reinstall, uninstall and reinstall but still no longer works. Tried process monitor but could not find that stuck out. Uninstalled all c++ and reinstalled.Any ide...

How to customize email notifications

I am new to Workflow Manager and wanted to know if you can edit the email notifications sent to various people when a task is completed. I would like to add more detail and a company logo if possible.Any guidance would great appreciated.Thanks,Tom

ttoscan by Level 2
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AdminStudio115Sp1 command line options

Is there a way to run the AdminStudio115sp1.exe installation with command line options for the Product Key and for the AdminStudio Shared location.I would prefer to run the single install, and not have to extract all the installations, and have to wr...

Capturing Changes with Repackager

I am new to the Software Community so excuse me if this is in the wrong forum.I am trying to capture placing a vbs file on the taskbar. While making my package I am creating a folder with the vbs in it. I am then creating a new toolbar from the tas...

Make a delta from two .msi

Hi,Is there any method to create a .msp result from the delda of two .msi ?There is this option with Wise Package Studio, i'm looking for this fonctionnality in Adminstudio.When I create a .msp from my .msi, I only can change existing file, i can't a...

allkor by Level 3
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AdminStudio Repackage - Registry key

Hello,I have some trouble to set up an Active Setup on a repackage application (exe to msi) :I add my keys to the .msi generate after repackaging my .exe, the key are :[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\SMPAS]"Ve...

allkor by Level 3
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