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AdminStudio Enterprise Edition

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
It looks like there are a lot of new featutes in AdminStudio 5.0, but it seems like many of the best features are only available in the Enterprise edition of the product.

I couldn't find any pricing information regarding the Enterprise version on the web site. How much is the Enterprise version? Is there a special price for upgrading from AdminStudio 3.5 Professional?

How can I get an evaluation copy of the Enterprise edition of AdminStudio 5.0?


Michael Krueger
(2) Replies
Thank you for your interests in AdminStudio 5.0 Enterprise Edition.

Please contact Tim Boudreau ( at (847) 517-5113 for pricing information, or general sales number at (800) 809-5659.

Actually, everything you see in the Release Notes , and on the Upgrade Features , with the exception of the Application Management System (Web-based lifecycle tracking), and Security Management are in the Professional Edition.

We remain committed to keeping as many features as possible in Professional, if you compare this with other products, I'm sure you'll agree that AdminStudio leads the way in this.

I've forwarded on your request for more information on to our Enterprise Solutions Group. They will help you with evaluating it, and understanding pricing.

Here's a ground-breaker though. Because the Enterprise Server is web-based, it's not licensed on a desktop-by-desktop basis. You only need one (yeah!). There's unlimited usage through the web interface for all of the AMS lifecycle management functionality. You still need desktop licenses of Professional Edition on the desktops that were doing ConflictSolving/QA, or Standard Edition for those that were only packaging. The integrated NT Security gets enabled when you're running those tools on the desktop, with an Enterprise Server present on your network. The combination (of one Enterprise Server, and Standard or Professional Edition on the desktop) make up the "Enterprise Edition".

I know it can be confusing at first, but in the end, AdminStudio always has more functionality, for less. Even better, you can start with Professional Edition, and add an Enterprise Server later as your needs warrant, without needing to purchase an upgrade for your desktop licenses!

Make sure to check out the Comparison for a side-by-side comparison of the three editions.