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TrueCrypt 7.1a Silent/unattended install

I’m looking for silent/unattended customized installation & uninstallation options/command line for TrueCrypt 7.1a.Were it can take care of Unchecking of Add TrueCrypt icon to desktop & Create System Restore point while installation

a379266 by Level 4
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AS 2013 Repackager's Build button is disabled

Using AdminStudio 2013's Repackager the Build button is disabled (greyed) when attempting to build.Tried repairing AS.Some background: I was getting "AdminUIFramework9.dll" is missing when remotely running islc. Capture was remotely completed using ...

InstallShield professional 2013 with Visual Studio 2013

Hi,I have installed InstallShield professional 2013 trial version. I still cannot open my installedshield project in visual studio 2013. Does installedshield professional 2013 support visual studio 2013 ?? Do I need to install extra packages ? Please...

minyeko by Level 2
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AdminStudio and software packaging general literature

I'm searching for literature regarding AdminStudio and software packaging in general. One special field of interest is quality assurance (ACE/ICE...).Are there any recommendations or favourites ?

by Not applicable
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Traditional vs Virtual Adminstudio Training Class

My company has purchased Adminstudio and would like to training two of us on it's use. None of the training classes are anywhere close to us so we are trying to decide whether to fly out for the traditional class or go with the virtual courses. Does ...