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At the risk of asking a dumb question.....would there be a significant risk to consumption calculations if we were to ignore uninstall evidence? We are running into many situations where we know the application have been removed but Flex is still det...
Hello All, I need some clarification. We are currently seeing a large number of Microsoft PO Imports where maintenance is not selected yet we are getting Effective and Expiry Date fields being defaulted with 1/1/1900 date. I have confirmed through th...
Looking for a clarification here as I couldn't find it spelled out in Help. I suspect this is the case but when processing a po and you search for an existing license, Flex will NOT include retired licenses in the search results, correct? Thanks!
Wondering why Flexera does not have a Total Spend by Publisher Report OOB. Unless I am just Blind and don't see it. Has anyone had success creating a report like this? Please share! thanks!
Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used within the Flexnet UI? Specifically on-prem if that matters. I have tried searching through community but am having no luck.Thanks!
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