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Where is the data hosted?

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Usage Intelligence data is stored on third party server locations in the United States and Europe. For more information please contact support.
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

Are Usage Intelligence solutions GDPR compliant?

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By default Usage Intelligence does not collect personally identifiable data. The software vendor may extend the default data being collected by Flexera, but they have full control of what is collected and how this data is used. Read More
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

If I cancel do you provide a lifetime data export?

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By using the Reporting API, Usage Intelligence enables you to export a copy of your data for archiving purposes. The export must be carried out before you terminate your account, since after this point the data will no longer remain available.
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

Is Client ID personally identifiable information?

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The Client ID by itself does not store any personally identifiable information. The ClientID is made up a one-way hash of the hardware fingerprint combined with software data path. The hash value itself is calculated on the client. In addition, when...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

Can I Collect Company Name in Usage Intelligence

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(Answer) Transcript: Am I actually allowed to collect the company name or is there any privacy concern around doing that? You are technically allowed to collect any company names or identifier that identify your users as long as you notify your end...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

What happens if a churned user returns?

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Answer: Transcript: What happens if a user who is lost according to this forty day time frame, I guess that can change for each customer, but what happens if they come back in after that time period? Are they still going tobe considered churned and...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera