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Can users opt out of reach out campaigns?

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If you implement a custom property to track their opt-in/opt-out status and use that property as a targeting criteria for your campaigns you can exclude those that opt out from receiving messages.
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

Is ReachOut GDPR compliant?

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Yes, unlike email messages ReachOut messages are anonymous and instead of targeting a particular user, they target a set of criteria, and therefore do not have personally identifiable information in them.
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

How quickly will a user see a ReachOut message?

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The Usage Intelligence SDK performs an automatic sync when ruiStartSDK()is called, and every 20 minutes after that while the application is running. If ReachOut on auto sync is enabled when creating the configuration through ruiCreateConfig(), it wi...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

How can I test ReachOut Messages?

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Answer: Transcript: How can I test ReachOut messages and what is the best way to QA my campaign to make sure it's good before I launch? Okay, so here are some general best practices to assist with when you're testing your ReachOut campaigns. And re...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera

What happens to ReachOut messages if a user is offline?

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Answer: Transcript: Also we have a question that is asking, I see that the use case is using a URL what happens if the user doesn't have an active internet connection? Can we filter on that and not send it out or should we use a non URL in the mess...
by Flexera jmcguire Flexera