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how to enable MFA\2FA

I cant seem to find where to enable MFA\2FA for the users of SVM. where is the option for this?

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

 We believe you have disabled the 2-factor authentication for sub-users. Please login to your SVR account with the root admin account and go to Settings > Account > Security Policy and uncheck the Disable two-factor authentication for sub-users option. The users can further log in with their respective accounts and check the status of 2-factor authentication from their user profile. 




I dont see those options when going in to setting while bing logged in as the root admin. 

Are you sure you are logging in with the root admin account of SVR? Since we have just re-tested it and it works fine. 



Apologies for that. Unfortunately, we don't have 2FA for SVM. Please feel free to log it as an enhancement via your Flexera support Community Ideas page.