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The SVM April 2024 update is live now. This update includes bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Feature enhancements in Smart Groups and Patch Deployment Status Grid -

  • The Smart Group Criteria now includes a new filter option, 'does not contain'. This enhancement allows us to list items such as hosts, sitenames, vendor names, or product names that do not contain the specified text entered in the Criteria field.
  • In the Patch Deployment Status grid, template naming convention has been enhanced for the subscribed patches providing clarity and alignment. This enhancement will streamline your workflow, making it easier to identify which package got deployed.

Bug Fixes -

  • The issue in the Settings section has been resolved; the selection of the 'Enable WMI Check' checkbox is now getting retained in the new UI.
  • The pagination problem within the Scanning > Filter Scan Results > Scan Paths grid has been resolved.
  • During force check-in within the Patch Publisher, the issue with the CSIDL paths in the PowerShell script has been resolved.
  • In the Patch Publisher, the "Published To" field was previously empty on the Patch Deployment Status page for Subscription. However, this issue has now been resolved.
  • We have resolved the issue related to the Patch Publisher, where certain VPM packages were displaying incorrect minimum versions.

For the release notes, please click here.