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SVM and Log4j

Your attention is called to this blog post for how SVR and SVM can help you deal with Log4j. SVM focuses exclusively on assessing known vulnerable software versions. It uses file signatures to determine the presence of known vulnerable software versi...

bkelly by Flexera Alumni
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Solved SVM Practice Guide Learning Lab

Recently we have published our new SVM practice guide. Our practice guides are designed to walk through how you can get the most out of your products. To grasp a better understanding of how you can utilize SVM to it's fullest potential,  view our on-...

vwonais by Flexera Alumni
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Frequency of NIST update

I was just wondering how frequently the information for the CVES was update from NIST to Technopedia?  How long does it take for updated information from NIST take to be update into SAID scores?

tbehm5 by Level 2
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Solved Software Vulnerability Manager API

We are currently using SVM as part of our security risk assessment when on-boarding applications. This is currently a manually process and we are hoping to automate it using the SVM API and Powershell. I have read the documentation and studied the po...

JimMac by Level 3
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Solved "Agent Deployment" option not available

According with your documentation, there is an option "Create Software vulnerability Manager Agent Package" but it is missing in my server.(

fazogue by Level 2
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Anomalies with endpoint scans

Hi all...First time poster. We have introduced Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager to our environment and hoping someone can help me or advise who I should contact. When we go through are scan results we are noticing some anomalies.  For instance ...

Solved Rename black and white lists

Hi - has anyone thought about changing the name of black and white lists. the connotation that black is bad and white is good is somewhat out dated could use: Allow\approved\accepted\permitted list. And block lists

Solved Direct link to show an advisory?

We have regular meetings to discuss advisories. For make these easier and reduce the amount of manual typing people have to do, I'd like to generate URL's that would open directly onto the information for a particular advisory. Is there a URI that wi...

hamish by Level 4
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