Software Vulnerability Management Release Blog

Software Vulnerability Management Release Blog

SVM July Update

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For our on-prem customers, a new update is now available. Most of this was originally called out as updates to our cloud update in June, but is now available to on-prem customers by downloading the latest version installation package, or virtual appl...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVM June Update

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While this is a cloud prem update, it effects our on-prem customers as well because we have also updated the SVM Toolkit installer to provide a new Historical Reporting capability and to further improve our Intune integration. Historical Trend Repo...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVM April Update

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We had a minor update to SVM published on April 21st which included the following changes: Intune Enhancements Agent deployment via Intune Addressed multiple bugs In some cases, patches may be applied even when the application was not present on th...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVM March 2021 Update

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This release adds some significant features to Software Vulnerability Manager: Integration with VMware Workspace ONE Software Vulnerability Manager continues to extend its scope of integration by adding support to yet another industry popular end poi...
by Flexera kmantagi Flexera

SVR March 2021 Update

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Software Vulnerability Research March 2021 update is live now. The following product enhancements are added to this update: Enhanced Threat Scoring Several new rules are added to this update to improve how we calculate Threat Scores in order to he...
by Flexera kmantagi Flexera

SVM Feb 2021 Update

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Single Sign-On Enhancement Based on customer feedback, Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition now supports the initiation of Single Sign-On via an Identify Provider for authentication. You can click on choose single sign-on on the SVM login pag...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVM December 2020 Update

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Software Vulnerability Manager December 2020 update is live now. This release adds a most requested and very significant feature to SVM along with some valuable product enhancements. Publish patches to Microsoft Intune from SVM SVM integration with I...
by Flexera kmantagi Flexera

SVM September Update

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In this release we have addressed some valuable customer feedback received to improve options for building Smart Groups and other usability improvements. New Host/Product Smart Group Filters There are now some additional filters available to provide...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVR September 2020 Update

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Email Warning before Policy Breach You can now send a policy breach warning email for applicable open or waiting tickets. This warning can be configured for priority based on the rules of the policy and enables the ticket assignee's to prioritize the...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator

SVM August Update (SSO is here!)

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Single Sign On With this release, Software Vulnerability Manager can now support Single Sign On (via the SAML2 protocol). This feature enables you to authenticate with many popular Identity Provider (IdP) like Okta. This capability is available today...
by Moderator bkelly Moderator