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Flexera Alumni

The Secunia Advisories published by Flexera’s Secunia Security Research Team is a standard, validated, and enriched vulnerability research on a specific version of a software product. An advisory, among others, includes a Secunia assigned criticality rating and CVSS after a distinct analysis and a review that includes product context and security best practices. Thus, Secunia Advisories serve as a much-improved means for prioritizing your patching efforts to enable you to identify and address the vulnerabilities that have the highest potential to impact your organization.

While the Secunia Advisory-based approach is the recommended way for vulnerability assessment and prioritization of patching, at times there might be a need to have a CVE-based view of vulnerabilities. This SVR update introduces a new view to display the NVD CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities Exposure) and associated Secunia Advisories.


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