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Flexera Alumni

The July 2023 update of SVM Cloud is live now. This update includes the following enhancements:

Create Custom Scan Rules in the Patch Publisher

The SVM scan agent may sometimes not detect some custom or in-house programs installed in your environment. In such cases, you can create a customer scan rule specifying the path and the file name of the custom program that you would like the SVM scan agent to detect during scanning. A new view is introduced under the Manage Patches menu of the Patch Publisher to help you create and manage custom scan rules.


View Zombie Files

To enable you to identify and appropriately manage the zombie files within your environment a new option to display the zombie files has been introduced in this update. Selecting this new checkbox will display the list of zombie files along with the path, that were found during the scanning, under the new Zombie File Results tab in the Scan Results view. The view also provides the ability to export the zombie files list.


To see the full release notes, please click here.