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Flexera Alumni

SVM On-prem R3 v7.6.1.26 released on 29th September is available for download. This new version of the on-prem edition is compatible with the latest version of the Patch Publisher v7.15.1071. All the recent updates made to the SVM Cloud and Patch Publisher will now be available to our SVM on-prem customers through this update. Some important updates include:

Patch Publisher Enhancements

  • A new Devices view is introduced in the Patch Publisher under the Manage Patches menu.
  • to display the devices/hosts based on the Host Smart Group selected from the Smart Groups drop-down.
  • To gain more insights into a device, you can right-click on any device and view its scan results in the Devices view of the Patch Publisher.
  • A new Custom Scan Rules view is introduced under the Manage Patches menu to help you create and manage custom scan rules.
  • The Highlight product for which update packages have been created is now enabled to check/uncheck to highlight the published products.

Software Vulnerability Manager Web Interface Enhancements

  • The new improved Flexera System Score for a device now allows you to configure a weight for each attribute - Secure Products, Zero-day vulnerabilities, Threat Score, CVSS Score, and Criticality determine their influence in calculating the System Score.
  • A new Zombie File Results tab in the Scan Results view to display the zombie files found within your environment.
  • The default exclusion paths are now configurable to enable to either include or exclude these paths while scanning a device.
  • You can now directly add a path to the Block List from your scan results simply by right-clicking on the new Add to Block List context menu option.
  • To eliminate the possibility of report failure, the file will now be split into multiple files of smaller size approximately 500 MB each.

For the download instructions, click here.

To see the full release notes, click here.