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Flexera One covers App Portal and FNMEA?

Hi Forum Members,  I have a quick question to check. In our company we use 4 Flexera products at the moment. AppPortal, FNMS, FNMEA and Admin Studio.  We are interested with Flexera One, however I just want to check, Could Flexera One replace all 4 p...

onazlie by Level 4
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Replicating Flexera One Data between organizations

I am being asked to figure out how to replicate data from one Flexera One org (prod) to another Flexera One org (Stage/dev). Is there a process for this on the backend? It's probably not feasible to export a very large amount of data from the portal ...

Recommended License Changes - Strange Suggestions

Hello,Reviewing our RLC, some of them I don't quite understand why it is making the recommendation in the first instance and would appreciate an explanation please. Please see attached as an example. Planning Analytics TM1 Server 11.3 shows as a "ver...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Why can't I browse the SKU library?

Are we not able to search the SKU library in FlexeraOne ITAM without having the actual SKU? If so, why is that please? It doesn't make any sense to me to not be able to browse the SKU library freely.Thanks

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Inventory Device Assigned User

Hello,According to the online guide, it advises that it is best practice to leave the assigned user field of an inventory device empty. For some reason all of our machines have the assigned user field populated. I don't why or how this is being popul...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Any impact when application is stopped/shutdown?

Hi Flexera team,The user is using FlexeraOne for monitoring because they are using application (in this case is IBM WebSphere Application Server/WAS) with a sub-capacity license.I would like to confirm one point just to be sure.When we stop/shutdown ...

JoanTSW by Level 4
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Inventory Agent Schedules

Hello,I am trying to determine at what point after the FlexNet Inventory Agent runs an inventory on devices will we see the updated inventory in the Flexera One UI. Based on the attached, our inventory agent schedule runs daily and starts at 07:00am ...

Schedule.png Processing Queue.png
RWG2022 by Level 7
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Solved Technopedia V2 API limiting results

I'm having trouble working with the limiting results feature of the Technopedia V2 API as described here https://developer.flexera.com/docs/api/content/v2#/Technopedia/Technopedia%23graphql This query works ok:query { Manufacturer(skip: 9999, take: 1...

don007 by Level 2
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