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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Client Credentials

We are trying to integrate Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Client Credentials within Flexera. And following is the information and  permissions we worked upon.-Application Permissions for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Client CredentialsCloudApp...

Solved Windows Server Optimisation Report CIS Licenses

Hello,Does this report take into account that CIS (Windows Server & System Center) can be licensed per virtual OSE or is it based purely on licensing the physical cores? Here's my scenario...I have a single host with 2 processors and 20 cores. There ...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Duplicate Vendors created

2 members in the team unknowingly created 2 Vendor entries for slaesfroce (just took this for an example).Vendor 1 as "slaesfroce" and Vendor 2 as "slaesfroce.com". Each vendor is used separately for processing different POs. Say for example 12 POs a...

User License Details Report - User Name Inquiry

Does anyone happen to know why the "User Name" value would be completely different from either the "Calculated User" or "Assigned User" in this report?i.eComputer ID - TESTDEVICE9921User Name - ABCD123Calculated User - EFGH345Assigned User - EFGH345

davidle by Level 7
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