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VMs Inventory Gaps Report

Hello,We use this report regularly to to help identify if we have non-inventoried VMs. The issue I have is that we have VMs showing in this report that are things such as templates, passive failover etc that will never have an inventory. Is there a w...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Solved Assigned User field population

We are currently populating Assigned user from a custom hardware asset business importer. We are contemplating removing the Assigned to from that import to allow Flexera to populate all the user fields. Will the currently populated Assigned users be ...

tblock by Level 5
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Oracle GLAS Evidence Reports

Is there any documentation of a breakdown of how to interpret the Oracle GLAS evidence report, in particular the ORCL OPTIONS report?  It lacks column headers.

Duplicate inventory devices from Azure in Flexera One

We've started using Virtual Citrix desktops in Azure which is creating issues with duplicate inventory devices. Looks like this is happens every time a VM is restarted it keeps the same inventory device name but gets a different serial number and/or ...

InTune Inventory into Flexera

Hello,We're looking to use InTune to feed inventory into Flexera for corporate-owned mobile devices only. We mostly have iOS devices. Having read some Flexera documentation, I understand software inventory for iOS devices isn't possible. Does anyone ...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Expired Subscription Licenses

Hello,We have some subscription licenses that are linked to a contract. The licenses have since expired and I have set the contract status to archived. I've notice that in All Licenses I can see all the records relating to the licenses that were purc...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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