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Flexera SaaS Management Data Ingestion Utility

The Flexera SaaS Management (FSM) Data Ingestion Utility is a client-based Windows desktop tool providing a code-free method to ingest data from your organization’s multiple SaaS applications. It enables the ingestion of data from: CSV file sourcesV...

aswindells by Technical Writer
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Inventory Device Assigned User

Hello,According to the online guide, it advises that it is best practice to leave the assigned user field of an inventory device empty. For some reason all of our machines have the assigned user field populated. I don't why or how this is being popul...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Solved Any impact when application is stopped/shutdown?

Hi Flexera team,The user is using FlexeraOne for monitoring because they are using application (in this case is IBM WebSphere Application Server/WAS) with a sub-capacity license.I would like to confirm one point just to be sure.When we stop/shutdown ...

JoanTSW by Level 4
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Real life experience with Intune integraiton

Given the limitation that Microsoft has put on the ability to extract data from Intune (i.e. publisher data).  Our SAM team is trying to determine if we want to skip the integration altogether and simply deploy the agents.  I am looking for some real...

Notification Capabilities for Beacon related errors

I faced an issue a couple of beacon servers where a network change caused SSL issues when attempting to upload inventory and download policies. The only way I figured this was looking at the System Tasks in Flexera One and noticed that the jobs had n...

Solved FYI - Check any ITAM API Custom Reports for Error

FYI - If you are using the reportsExecute method via the FlexeraOne ITAM API, you may want to double check your scripts.I believe the upgrades or emergency maintenance from last week (personally I am in United States/North America flexeraOne) may hav...

Providing User Assignment Data to ServiceNow from ITAM

I'm looking for a little assistance with the task of getting user/computer assignment data into ServiceNow for an App Broker implementation from ITAM. I know that this data doesn't come directly from App Broker in any way and the customer is responsi...