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vmware guests without a host

Is there an standard view or an easy report to show my vmware guests without a host?  I can run the vmware clusters report and scroll through and see the red marks by each guest that doesn't have a host, but with a large environment this seems very slow.    Seems like there should be a standard view that shows this or a filter.  Thanks for any advice.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You can use the Inventory Issues page and filter on the alert to see all of the VMs without a host

ok - I can see the alerts with the "1" next to them and highlight that but I don't see alert type as a column or an available filter option. What am I missing?  If I could do that it would be great solution.  For other things we are doing manually too.  

At the top left of the page click "Add filter". Then Alert and Virtual machine does not have a host. Lastly click the check mark to apply the filter to current data.