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Suggest me solution for workloads are moving from on-prem to cloud

Dear all,

I am new & help me out on below scenario

My client is MNC. They entitled to Flexera One.  They want to move on-prem to cloud. They will be doing this in coming 2 years.
We only done AD, SCCM integrations since at that time all workloads are in on-prem. Now we are in the process for adding another country to Flexera

Can you suggest me solution for best long-term solution for this

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The Flexera team is keen to help and work with organizations going through conversions from Flexera's on premises solutions to the SaaS-based delivery model of Flexera One. Some introductory information about conversions can be found on the following page:

Examples of areas that may need to be considered when making this conversion are:

  • What data and configuration needs to be migrated, and how to do that
  • Whether there are any bespoke configurations/customizations in place, and what should be done with them
  • New system architecture and security
  • Rollout plan for users of the system
  • Commercial implications (Flexera currently has a conversion incentive program noted on the above page)

The best way to start this process and discussion is to reach out to your Flexera CSM/account team/partner, and they will be able to help you. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on the above page and somebody will reach out to you.

(Did my reply solve the question? Click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION" to help others find answers faster. Liked something? Click "KUDO". Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera.)

Hi Chris,
thank you for your response.

I got more understanding on the clients. Below are the details

endpoints are not in corporate  network, they are facing internet.  Since endpoints are not in Azure, I believe purchasing SaaS module is the solution but costly they don't need all the features like Azure consumption, etc. And I heard Intune connector still in under development.

I just want to know can we set up internet facing Beacon. If yes, is there any connectors are required. If no,  Kindly suggest the best solution


@Abhilash_P - In a scenario like this, you can install an internet-facing Beacon within a DMZ, or in an IAAS instance (Amazon, Azure).  Endpoints not on the corporate network with a Flexera Agent will be able to upload inventory to such a beacon.

Thank you for your response @kclausen .

Can you please provide me relevant documents it would help me and my team

This configuration and setup would be performed outside of the Flexera Agent and Beacon.  

It would be controlled by how you set up IIS on that server in the DMZ to be internet-facing and resolvable to an agent.  It further would require your own internal network team's expertise in how you would use your internal routers, proxies and firewalls to segregate the beacon server inside of your DMZ.

@Abhilash_P  - Here is a another discussion in the Community on installing and configuring a Beacon within a DMZ.