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Solved ServiceNow Integration

Hello everyone. Curious to know if anyone has done a Flexera One integration with ServiceNow and can share any documentation Flexera provides that details what is required from a Flexera standpoint. Thanks!

Difference between SaaS to On-premise

Hi Team I'm from IBM.IBM has announced that FlexeraOne will be offered as an OEM followed by on-premise.My customer wants to know about the difference between the two.What is the difference in functionality between FlexeraOne SaaS and FlexeraOne on-p...

Mitsuki by Level 3
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No API access to VMware vCenter in service provider scenario

Hi, I have a customer with Flexera One. I got the information that we would not be allowed to access the vCenter via API, because it's run by a service provider and there's other customers' data on it. With FNMS, I would just have them export me the ...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved Flexera Agent vs Nexthink vs Intune

Hello Flexera Experts,  To compare with Nexthink and Intune, could anyone share the knowledge of the advantage to have FlexNet Inventory Agent installed on laptops?  We have the Intune and Nexthink deployed and would like to see what benefits/additio...

HPNZNB by Level 6
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Solved Inventory Device Count

When deploying an Agent in a Container and you discover what is inside that Container, does that count as a device? Does it impact the overall license entitlement?

Error Message

Getting "A Network Error has occurred while retrieving information; you need to refresh the page.  This error message is returned no matter what I am working in.  This is happening all day long for the past 2 days.  I'm having a real problem getting ...