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Self service portal for Product owner to view software installed and hardware report easily

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to develop self service portal where we can search for ex  "Microsoft" and everything related to installation of Microsoft product and machines can be easily available without using Flexera.

Kind of self service portal and just a search of to view.

Let me know if anyone has seen or worked on such kind of portal development.


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unfortunately, the F1 API does not have the possibility to extract the information you need out of the box. There are endpoints for retreiving:

  • installed applications
  • inventories (computers)
  • hardware assets

But there is no endpoint for extracting the combination of installed product -> computer -> hardware.

I have an idea: you could create a custom report in the report builder with all the information you want to see in your own application. This report can be retrieved via the API 🙂 So you could bind your selfservice backend to the custom report 🙂