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Intelligent allocation not working on Core Point license type

I have a license that's set to Core Points > Each Core counts as one point

I'm using Intelligent Allocation by report to allocate 36 servers to this license, and simultaneously also using Restrictions by Report so that ultimately, only 14 of the servers are consumed.

My expectation is that we'd see

  • 36 allocated
  • 14 of those 36 actually permitted to consume
  • and the total cores of those 14 servers shown as the final Consumption number.

In reality, the license simply shows us that 14 is the final Consumption number.

So its really just counting this as a device license. It's stopping there. It's not applying the Core Points type & rule set against the 14 devices.


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You may want to contact Flexera Support to get some guidance in troubleshooting why the consumption doesn't use the number of cores for each device in its calculations.