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Duplicate Vendors created

2 members in the team unknowingly created 2 Vendor entries for slaesfroce (just took this for an example).

Vendor 1 as "slaesfroce" and Vendor 2 as "". Each vendor is used separately for processing different POs. Say for example 12 POs are processed using "slaesfroce" and 23 POs are processed using "" as vendors respectively. 

Now as a part of data cleaning. I want to delete either of the Vendor. Suppose if I delete "slaesroce". Will those 12 POs which are tagged to this vendor be automatically tagged to "" vendor? 

Note: Requirement is only to have one Vendor entry which is either "slaesfroce" or ""

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I think that you will manually (or use a business adapter) to correctly map the PO records to the appropriate vendor.