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IT Visibility Normalization

IT Visibility is not listed as a board - I have a question about IT Visibility Normalization.  In the demo, we were shown how to view which discovery items were taught to what normalized product name by drilling down on the discovery data.  How do we look up a product in the IT Visibility library to see which products have been taught to the library product item? 

Example use case:  we discover all three licensed products, but the sw product export only shows a single generic product name, which happens to be part of all three product names.  They are separately licensed and would not be taught to the same library item.  How and where do I verify within IT Visibility which products are taught to the normalized product name?

I have found nothing on this site to date and our implementation partners are having difficulty finding this information directly from Flexera.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!

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Hi - thank you for asking. I'm pulling in @bkelly  and @kevinhou as they may know the Flexerans who can help here.

Congratulations on being the first to ask an IT Visibility forum question! 

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Engineering is currently working on providing more insight into normalization data transparency for IT Visibility, so please stay tuned. (It will be provided in multiple phases...)