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Dashboard and Reports based on location?


Our organisation operates in a number of markets who each manage their own software deployments.

We're using both FNMS and IT Visibility to manage the estate and need to provide views of the data split by market.  This is no issue with FNMS as it's location aware but is the same functionality available in IT Visibility?

I've been digging around in IT Visibility but can't fine any filters or settings which would suggest it can use location data.  Can someone with more knowledge could point me in the right direction?



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't think similar capability to tie records in IT Visibility to different parts of the organization is available yet, although something along these lines is being considered to be added in the future as it is a very useful capability in FlexNet Manager Suite.

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Hi Chris,
thanks for the reply, can you confirm if this is on the roadmap or if I should raise an enhancement request to give it a little more visibility?