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How to check imported PO's in Dashboard?

Hi Community!There is one issue or concern facing by a customer.They imported the PO and process them.Now they wanted to see all the process items details in Dashboard.How they do that?Awaiting your kind responses.Regards,Rahul Ranjan

Rahul08 by Level 5
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License & Maintenance Expiry

Are there are plans to make the built in License & Maintenance Expiry report less restrictive? Currently the maximum amount of time you can view in advance is 90 days. This report in general is super useful in terms of the data it can provide to supp...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Solved IBM SKU Withdrawals

What is best practice when IBM withdraws a SKU and replaces with another one.  Customer has not changed anything about the licensing or use of the product and all the applications underneath the entitlement.   The problem is,  if the old SKU is repla...

Beacon server - Service Account Requirement

Hi, I would like to understand if a service account is mandatory for FlexNet Beacon installation and operations or an admin account for that server is enough. I would also use Flexera One admin account to connect with Beacon. Thanks

Baz967 by Level 3
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Is this possible in FlexeraONE ITAM?

Hello,I need some advise please.1) We have licenses for IBM Cognos Performance Management User Authorised User, quantity 92.2) The consumption of Cognos Performance Management User is currently 94, showing the compliance as -2.3) We have licenses for...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Solved Docker Desktop - Scanning of containers

Hi Gurus!I have not been able to get the scanning of containers running at our site. What I would like to see is the inventory from our Docker Desktop installations running on Windows 10/11.According to the documentation (and to my understanding) the...

Adding additional status to inventory devices

Hello,In Flexera ONE ITAM I see inventory devices have two options for the status. Active and Ignored, and I understand how these work. Is there anywhere where we can create further, custom statuses? For example, if we hold laptops in stock, we would...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) inventory

Hi, We have an ongoing discission on how to inventory Azure Virtual Desktops (AVDs). I believe, there's an option to deploy the Flexera One inventory agent to the images. From what I understand, these sessions are "stateless", meaning each user gets ...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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