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IBM SPSS licenses

Can anyone tell me how or if they manage IBM SPSS Statistics user licenses in Flexera?

What I have discovered is that while Flexera recognizes the SKUS in the ARL, if you look at the documentation in the Application - Flexera is not able to appropriately discover the type of license (Standard, Advanced, Base, Premium or Professional). Thank you for any suggestions from anyone that has set this up properly in Flexera,

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Did you check whether the evidence for the different devices where the different editions (Standard, Advanced, Base, Premium or Professional) are installed shows more details that could be used for Flexera's content to be extended to be able to differentiate between these? Or would there be SWID tags or anything else that Flexera's content could be utilizing?

You may want contact Flexera's content team through support if you can assist with the details required to improve Flexera's content.