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IBM PVU Out-of-Date Inventory

I believe we have figured out the answer to most of our questions, but I would like for someone familar with the IBM PVU Out of Date Inventory report to verify.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

Checked out the help menu

  • Frequent inventory scans enabled – We have noticed that, at times, it is marked “no” and then changed to “yes” after a few days.  I want to ensure that there is nothing I need to worry about with the agent as long as I don’t see a pattern of the device always stating “No.”  Since we have it set up to scan the hardware every 30 mins.  No reason it should not change to “Yes” once the agent scans, correct?


  • Originally when the SAM ran this report, she was told to set the report for two days (if inventory is older than two days) there was a problem. 
    1. I believe this is if we had our agent inventory running daily, correct?  We changed our agent to run every three days, which means the inventory updates (depending on when the system reconciles) in ITAM every 4th day. 
    2. The 30-mins hardware scan has nothing to do with this report because this report is looking at the last time the inventory was scanned, correct?



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