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SaaS Licenses showing in Licenses at Risk

Hello Flexera Community, 

Hoping someone can help with some interesting activity we have discovered with one of our SaaS managed products. 

We have several SaaS licenses setup in Flexera One, including both Microsoft and Adobe. We have recently noticed that one of the Adobe Creative Cloud products is showing up on the ITAM side of Flexera under "Licenses at Risk." When we make the needed adjustment to the SaaS license for the specified product it falls out of the Licenses at Risk. However, this is not happening for any of our other SaaS managed licenses. Has anyone else run into this issue? If so, were you able to identify what was causing the behavior? 

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I think the forum members will need more details about your findings, e.g., some examples like redacted screen shots to be able to provide some guidance. (I quickly browsed through your Adobe CC related support case but it looked to be specific questions related to Adobe and therefore most likely isn't related to your generic question above...)