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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

UPDATE (2024-05-07): The changes are now live

IT Visibility Software Technopedia dataset is being updated to enable users to create a ‘market name,’ which can be used to create the name the manufacturer uses to market the product. If the field is enabled, then the “Product Family” is added to “Manufacturer” to make the “Application” name along with other attributes. 

  For Example: 
  1. In the first use case i.e., Adobe Illustrator, here ‘isFamilyInFullName’ is marked “false” for this product the name will be “Adobe Illustrator” and not “Adobe Creative Cloud Illustrator “. 
  2. In the second use case i.e., Microsoft Visual Studio Code, here ‘isFamilyInFullName’ is marked “true” for this product the name will be “Microsoft Visual Studio Code” and not “Microsoft Code” 

    What is in This Release? 

    The field ‘isFamilyInFullName’ is added in Software Technopedia and will be made available in IT Visibility `queries` API response (CSV format) and `exports` API response (Parquet format). 

    Note: Release date - 7th May 2024

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