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FlexeraONE ITAM Error Message


Anyone had this error message before? It has been happening for the last week, multiple times each day when navigating the system.


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And another, but different error message this time...

Yes. I received that yesterday and reported it to Flexera

Did you get a response? It's happening pretty much all the time now. Every time I try to do something there's an error of some description or a sorry message. So frustrating.

They stated if it happened again to go to google, more tools, developer tools, network, click preserve log, right click, save all as Harwith content and send them the log file.

Thanks. I'll log a ticket because it's driving me insane. Never worked with an ITAM toolset that appears to have such regular issues, for me anyway!

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Community Manager

The red error bar and "We have a problem" error messages are displayed when some unhandled unexpected exception related to the action you we performing at the time has occurred. The details in the screenshots shared don't on their own give any particular insight into the specific issue(s) you are encountering.

The Error ID values shown are a unique identifier for each error occurrence. An Error ID value can be shared with Flexera Support who will be able to use it to look up more details about the specific error occurrence. When sharing the ID, it will help to also identify details of what you were doing leading up to the error, and any information about if/how the error report can be reproduced.

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Hi Chris, It first happened when I was just dragging and dropping a column header into the view whilst looking at the consumption tab of a license. In addition about 10 times yesterday, I got a pinkish red outlined box appear towards the top right of the screen but with no text, which is weird. I've logged a ticket with our partner who support Flexera. Thanks