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Flexera One covers App Portal and FNMEA?

Hi Forum Members, 

I have a quick question to check. In our company we use 4 Flexera products at the moment. AppPortal, FNMS, FNMEA and Admin Studio. 

We are interested with Flexera One, however I just want to check, Could Flexera One replace all 4 products that we use? or is it solely an "upgraded" version of FNMS? 

Means we still need to keep AppPortal, FNMEA and Admin Studio in our environment?

I understand that Flexera One has AppPortal capabilities for Asset Request and Reclamation, but we use AppPortal for more than that, does Flexera One has full AppPortal features loaded into it?

Thank you and regards, 



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Flexera One contains capabilities which are a close match for what you will be familiar with in FlexNet Manager Suite, and some capabilities which are similar to App Portal.

Flexera One does not contain capabilities which are equivalent to what the FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications or AdminStudio products provide.

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