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Getting "A Network Error has occurred while retrieving information; you need to refresh the page.  This error message is returned no matter what I am working in.  This is happening all day long for the past 2 days.  I'm having a real problem getting any work done and when I do not sure I can trust anything I just tried to do.

Anyone else?

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Just to confirm, is this one of the small red error messages in the top right of the Flexera One UI? Or is this a browser message (like a 404 page)

It's a red banner that says  "A Network Error has occurred while retrieving information; you need to refresh the page.

Sorry, just trying to figure exactly when you are seeing this - are you trying to access specific areas when receiving this message, or does it not really matter it is just happening frequently regardless of which area of the platform you are trying to use?

The strange thing is I can be saving a license, working with inventories, etc.  It's all across the board, and I'm the only analyst having this issue.  Nobody else is having any problems.  I also get this behavior if I'm working from home or in the office, on a VPN or not.  I decided to keep track of it today every time it happens and what I was doing to see if we can pinpoint the issue to something specific.

Appreciate your assistance!

Can you post a screenshot?

I can see a total of 3 errors logged in the backend of Flexera One ITAM under your user ID earlier this week that might (I'm not sure) be associated with the message you have described, but all these errors were on Tuesday/Wednesday. As nothing has been logged in the last day on the backend, that suggests whatever is going on here is occurring between Flexera One and your browser.

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