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Flexera SaaS Management enables the ingestion of vendor data in three ways:

  • Direct integrations are out-of-the-box managed applications for vendors such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft 365. There are approximately 60 managed applications within the SaaS Management catalogue.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) discovery uses providers such as Okta to discover the applications that have been configured within your SSO and are being used by the users in your organization.
  • Indirect integrations occur when the vendor or application is present within the SaaS Management catalogue, but data needs to be ingested using scripting against our public APIs. There are approximately 26,000 indirect integrations currently in the SaaS Management catalogue. While many Flexera customers and partners currently use our indirect integrations to ingest data and understand optimization opportunities, we also recognize that having to develop scripts in languages such as Python or PowerShell can be a barrier.

To remove this barrier, the Flexera SaaS Management (FSM) Data Ingestion Utility is a client-based Windows desktop tool providing a code-free method to ingest data from your organization’s multiple SaaS applications. It enables the ingestion of data from:

  • CSV file sources
  • Vendor APIs
  • A combination of both sources

Allowing you to easily ingest data and optimize the SaaS vendors that are in use within your organization.

To download the utility's MSI file for installation, refer to the attachment in this article.

Further detail can be found within the Flexera help here

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Level 4

hi Andrew, 

can you please update the utility download with the latest 2.0.0X verion that includes the API jobs as well? 



By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi Tertius,

The .msi that is included in this KB does have the API support, we just reset the versioning when we moved from Early Access into production release.

You should see the API option in the right hand panel of the tool.




Level 4

Thank you Andrew, I was looking at the version numbers, testing now. 

Level 2

I was able to import the refresh token successfully, but now I'm getting an error when I attempt to add my organization, "Organization ID does not exist. Please enter a valid organization ID. ". What could be the cause for this?


Level 4

Good day tnunes, 

the Org ID will only be the 5 digit ID after ORG in your URL for FLexera so only place the 5 digits here. One:

For the Organization Name make sure that if you have any spaces in your org name these are exactly the same as seen in Flexera One portal. the Org name is seen top right corner when logged into Flexera One. 

they need to match exactly or you will get this error.  

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