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API to extract cloud cost data from Flexera

I'm looking to integrate with PowerBI to extract the cloud cost details. Is there any Flexera API available to download the data from cloud/Cost Optimization/ Biling Centers and cloud/cost optimization/Optimization?


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Thank you @JohnSorensenDK , this helps.

Can you direct me to API that gets the Potential Cost savings and recommendations, please?



I would use the aggregated costs API and I've just tested attached sample json payload that works for me.


@JohnSorensenDK , Thank you for attached json request. It though returns me an error as 'savings_rate_reduction_amortized_adj' in metrics as not recognized.

Where do we find all the possible metric values and the fields in the requests? Is there schema somewhere I can refer to?



I found the available metrics when testing it in my org using a GET request against /bill-analysis/orgs/{{orgId}}/costs/metrics