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portal Unlisted rule reflecting in the beacon

I have noticed a rule named 'Virtual Cluster Server Scan for IBM' in the beacon rule list.

However, upon checking the discovery and inventory rules in the FNMS portal, I could not find the same rule listed.

I would appreciate it if you could kindly provide insight into the reason for this discrepancy.

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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

That is the remote rule for collecting IBM PVU data. I suspect if you navigate to Discovery & InventorySettings (Top right of the D&I dropdown) you will see the checkboxes checked for "Enable frequent hardware scanning for IBM sub-capacity license calculations" and "Collect inventory from VMware vCenter or Oracle VM Manager servers". While these don't create an editable rule under the Discovery & Inventory Rules like you mentioned the VMware inventory checkbox will enable that rule behind the scenes.


If you do not want to see these rules then you should deselect the checkboxes in the image; however, you should first confirm with your license managers that your organization is not managing IBM PVU licensing in FlexNet Manager.

Hope this helps!


I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt and detailed response.

However, I am currently facing an issue with this rule where  it is targeting vCenters from different  beacons even though those beacons are not assigned to the subnet of the vCenters.

This has caused a lot of confusion and errors keep poping up in system task.

The way the discovery and inventory rules work is they get pushed out to every beacon in your architecture and then the beacons evaluate whether the target vCenters are within the beacon's assigned subnets. If they are then the beacon will proceed with executing the rule's actions. If they are not then it skips the inventory.

There is an enhancement request in Flexera Ideas to only have a rule executed by the beacon with the assigned target subnets but it has not been implemented. I suggest voting on it. ITAM-I-110: Allow to execute a rule from specific beacon only 

Hope this helps!


After thorough investigation, I have identified that none of my rules have resulted in task failure errors due to incorrect beacon executing rule  to a vCenter subnet.

However, I have noticed that only this specific IBM Pvu rule is causing an issue where a beacon that is not a part of the subnet is executing the rule in a vCenter of that subnet.