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how to resolve the imgtrack deployment error "no ndtrack supporting linuxx86_64 "

Hi ,
I have already tried workaround

sed -i -e 's/tail +/tail -n +/g' -e 's/NR + 1/NR + 2/g' imgtrack

 Also, i have invoked the separately as below

imgtrack example:latest --from-ndtrack /path/to/

Unable to proceed with imgtrack deployment.

Kindly guide further.



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Community Manager

Are you seeing any additional details appear before the "no ndtrack supporting linuxx86_64" message? If so, what does it say?

And what exact version of imgtrack are you using?

For extra troubleshooting on the file, you could execute commands like the following:

xpos=$(awk '/^#MARK/ { print NR + 1 }' imgtrack)

tail -n +$xpos imgtrack | tar --exclude '*/*' -tzf -

If successful, this should output a list of architectures supported by the imgtrack file, such as:

linux-muslx86/ linux-muslx86_64/ linuxx86/ linuxx86_64/

(NB. If you are using the older imgtrack 1.0.1 version, then the "NR + 1" in the above commands should be changed to "NR + 2". This is due to: Known Issue: Container Image Image Tool (imgtrack) fails with error: "gzip: stdin: not in gzip format" (IOK-929813).)

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Hi Chris,
Appreciate on quick response.
20.10 is the version that we are currently using for imgtrack and also

Output for the above command:

[root@<host> imgtrack-1.0.4-s390x]# xpos=$(awk '/^#MARK/ { print NR + 2 }' imgtrack)
[root@<host> imgtrack-1.0.4-s390x]# tail -n +$xpos imgtrack | tar --exclude '*/*' -tzf -


gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child died with signal 13
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
[root@<host> imgtrack-1.0.4-s390x]#

Adding additionally the outpul of imgtack deployment as well
[root@<host> imgtrack-1.0.4-s390x]# ./imgtrack example:latest --from-ndtrack /home/devbox/nd/
imgtrack: version 1.0.4, managesoft 20.1.0
imgtrack: WARNING: no beacon or output directory specified, the inventory will be lost!
imgtrack: using ndtrack version from /home/devbox/nd/

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child died with signal 13
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
imgtrack: ERROR: no ndtrack supporting linux-muslx86_64

Kindly guide further

Hi Chris ,
So there are two folders for imgtrack files

I was using imgtrack from the imgtrack-1.0.4-s390x and i was facing issue.
This time i leveraged the imgtrack from imgtrack-1.0.4 along with below commands

imgtrack example:latest --from-ndtrack /path/to/


imgtrack example:latest --libc-variant glibc

And now the error is gone and ndi file is generated.