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Windows Agent installation failed -> mgssetup.ini not processed

Hi everyone,

After agent installation, I can see below error in installation.log:

[11/10/2022 3:24:16 PM (N, 0)] {2080} Downloading “http://Policies/Merged/_domain/Machine/ServerName.nplmachinename=ServerName&ipaddress=10.XX.XXX.XX” to “C:\Windows\TEMP\NDL26879.npl”
[11/10/2022 3:24:16 PM (G, 0)] {2080} Download failure: Error 0xE0500005: Host name lookup failed
[11/10/2022 3:24:16 PM (U, 0)] {2080} ERROR: Error (s107m858)
[11/10/2022 3:24:16 PM (U, 0)] {2080} ----------------

It seems that "http://Policies" means that the config file was not processed during installation.

We already make below checks:

  • config file name is mgssetup.ini
  • mgssetup.ini file is readable by both the SYSTEM and installing user
  • Installing user account is admin

Does anyone have a solution for this error ?


- communication between beacon and server is working well: testnet-connection suceeded and web browser showing IIS of beacon

- we will use ip address for beacon url as entered in the config file: https://ServerIpaddress/ManageSoftDL




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instead of Server IP try to use FQDN while configuring mgssetup file

@ReshmaB - When you launched the MSI associated with the Installation Package, was the configured MGSSETUP.INI placed in the same folder as the MSI and the CAB files?

@ReshmaB , I don't think this is the root cause because we already did other installation with ip address for beacon url and then the beacon ip address was appearing in installation.log

@kclausen , I confirm all are in the same folder


Add the entries of the beacon in host file on client machine and rerun mgspolicy command.

I had the same issue, now I deliver the mgssetup.ini into the same folder than the install binaries and it runs correctly. Take care to put the good bootstrap server 

else run the ndlauch command that you can find into the policy.log (c:\windows\temp\managesoft) with the good values and then it will work for example:

ndlaunch -r "http://[MyBeaconFQDN]/ManageSoftDL/Policies/Merged/[My Domain]_domain/Machine/[MyMachine].npl?machinename=[MyMachine]&ipaddress=[]" -o PkgType=Policy -o InstallProfile=Public -o "ApplyPolicy=TRUE"

sometimes mgspolicy is searching for the most available beacon in the discover


Thank you, best regards.
Didier Cottereau
Credit Agricole SA

@RayanKS Hi please check if any proxy is enabled in the client machine and check the FQDN and IP address which ever is being used for connecting to the beacon in the bootstrap registry are correct.

Reg key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common]

Try running the Command:

"%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\ManageSoft\Policy Client\mgspolicy.exe" -t machine -o UserInteractionLevel=Quiet

if still issue is not fixed try creating the below 2 strings under registry path Managesoftcorp-->Managesoft-->Common and string values to be set as false



Try restarting the agent services and check if this helps


Hi everyone, finally as a workaround I ran "C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\Policy Client\mgspolicy.exe" -t Machine -o DownloadRootURL=https://beacon.IPaddress/ManageSoftDL -o UILevel=Auto

and it added beaconIP DownloadRootURL in agent config registry keys and it is now working well.

We still don't know the root cause of this issue and why the mgssetup.ini is not processed if someone has an idea ?

may be setup.exe is not run as administrator while installing package on device.

This is a common error, check and see if the DNS is resolving the Beacon FQDN if not then add the FQDN and IP of the beacon in the hosts file.