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Why doesn't FNMS recognize Flexera SKUs for FNMS (lol)???

We have FlexNet Manager for Clients (cloud subscription)

The SKU supplied to us by Flexera was FNMCL-CL-S-XXX

However, FNMS doesn't recognize this very SKU.

So what gives? I don't get it.

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Also, same issue for FNMS for DC
SKU supplied = FNMDC-CL-S-XXX

And this is not recognized by FNMS
I'm sorry for the delayed response. I'm in touch with our team to get you an answer.
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Hi everyone! I'm Natalie, the product manager for our FlexNet Manager content libraries. 

We formerly had a process that ensured we would always get these SKUs as part of the FlexNet Manager release process - but it appears that something bad has happened to it, thanks for this note!  I've directed our team to not only restore what we were doing to cover FlexNet Manager itself but also ensure that our other Flexera product SKUs are flowing cleanly into our SKU library. 

Natalie Overstreet Lias
Senior Product Manager
I don’t speak for Flexera, and we should all be grateful for that

Is there a timeframe for when these will be available?  Will they come in the next SKU release?  I have a customer inquiring.  



Yes, the mentioned FlexNet Manager SKUs has been added to the library and will be published in our immediate SKU release, scheduled 28th Aug 2020. 

Did all of the Flexera SKUs get added or just the two listed in this post?  My customer is asking me about the following:


All active Flexera SKUs have been fetched internally and about 4K new Flexera SKUs are being published in upcoming SKU, PURL, Bundles release scheduled 23rd October 2020. 

FYI - @Natalie