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Which FNMS learning paths or other tutorials are useful?

Dear Flexera community,

In my working environment Flexnet Manager Suite has been installed and will soon be operational. As a functional manager I was wondering what learning paths (or other tutorials if there are any) are suitable for me as a functional manager.

So far I have found the FlexNet Manger Learning Paths of which I have completed the "Getting Started with FlexNet Manager" path, basically showing me where to find certain views, how to manage accounts & roles, using filters etcetera. 

I will not be using FNMS for software asset management (other colleagues will) and I will also not be managing FNMS technically (installing, upgrading, migrating etcetera). What learning paths (and other tutorials) are useful for me. The learning path descriptions for me are not clear enough on how useful they might be for me.


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Community Manager

You've noted a few things that you won't be using FNMS for. However if can you describe a little about what you will be using FNMS for then that may help people to identify relevant material.

On a possibly related noted, the following announcement just posted today may be of some interest: New Education Offering: LISA (Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy) for Flexera.

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Hello Chris,

Let me explain our situation. We have a Software Asset Management team which I will refer to as the client. We have our own team, who handles FNMS. My team is divided into technical engineers and functional (or applicational) managers.

The technical engineers make sure the application is running and migrations are carried out. The functional managers are there to handle issues/requests the client has. If data is missing, or incorrect, we need to figure out why that is. If the client requests new user access, we will make that happen. If we or the client want to automate certain processes (for example by using scripts), we will make it happen. 

It is a bit difficult for me to explain in detail what we will do with FNMS because its not being used yet by either us or the client. One real life example I can give is that a colleague of mine had to import vCenters (and its credentials) into FNMS (and the beacon servers) which he figured out by himself. It would be nice if there are (video) tutorials for such (common?) actions.

I agree with @dmathias that currently the Flexera training appears to be in flux.

With the specific example in terms of connecting to vCenters I believe there is very little detail, and the only reference I was able to find was here > -

Basically with this integration I taught myself and documented it locally on our own KB.



I'll try to get as much (relevant) information as possible, if that means getting it by trial and error and researching, then so be it.

I am not our team's technical resource, but I have taken the administration and implementation classes over the years - not because I ever planned to be in that role, but to give me a common vocabulary to speak with the technical and functional teams.  Since I am customer-facing, that also permits me to answer (at a high-level) their questions about the architecture and components of Flexera.  It also makes me a better troubleshooter and hopefully makes my support tickets to Flexera more focused.  Net: there's no reason you couldn't go through these trainings just for informational purposes and take out of  them what is meaningful to you.



Hi Bleepie, I hope your week's going well?

Thanks for reaching out on the forum here!

Particularly for the scenarios you mention - where a customer's querying what data should be populated, or the logic behind FNMS behaviour - I found the Online Help invaluable when starting out as a Support Engineer.
This is contextual, so you can hit the Help icon wherever you are in the FNMS Web UI to open a related Help page.

We also have it as its' own separate link on the page - here's the 2022R1 version:

Of particular use is pages like All Licenses, where it shows all possible fields and potential values, along with a descriptor of what these fields show:

Or if one of your customers asks for the logic behind FNMS License Consumption, there's a Glossary page for each License Type with insight on how these values are calculated:

I hope that helps!

Kind regards and thanks



Flexera Support

To me, the current state of Flexera training appears to be in flux, with a lot of the legacy content from the past 10 years having been first chopped up and repackaged to serve the evolving releases of the on-premises product.  That material, already painful to watch (poor Steve would age years in the same video), I think is being supplanted by materials targeting FlexeraOne and cloud implementations.  Also, my impression (Flexera may disagree, of course) is that some of the subject material that was more focused on principles is being removed.  I think Flexera must realize that practitioners may get their foundational learning for Asset Management elsewhere, so that content has less reason for being taught by Flexera.  Example: Cloud?  Go take AWS Foundations training.  Flexera won't teach you cloud fundamentals.

I would encourage you to make robust usage of the context-sensitive help system within the product itself.  The top-level menu of help should also still have the download links to the PDF versions of manuals and supplements, which are still very useful to read (especially if you suffer from insomnia).

Also, I think some legacy content has been repackaged into the Instructor-Led & Self-Study Courses.  You may want to look into these to supplement the introductory class you've already taken.


Thanks for the reply! I'll take a look at the URL provided.