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Where To Find Definitions of FNMS Fields?

I'm new to FNMS and was learning via the previous version where I could easily find definitions for the various fields in FNMS. Now, in this new version, I'm not sure where to find those definitions and could take a lot of time looking for them. Would instead love help to expedite the process. Thanks much. 

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You can view details about the various sections and their fields in the online help:

Thanks. This view is much easier to navigate than the help section of the current version. How did you navigate to this link, the page you shared? 


That link comes from our Documentation site:

All you have to do is select your product and version. I sent you the Online Help link for FNMS 2021 R1.

The help icon in the product should take you to the help for the view you are currently on; unless you are using Flexera One. In that case, you will want to look at the FNMS Cloud docs:

Please also vote an subscribe to the following idea to have the Flexera One help icon work the same way that the FNMS help did:


I am using FlexeraOne and must say I do miss the feature in the previous version where the help icon would speak to the page you are on making it faster to get answers and not have work interrupted. 
That said, the link you sent I find much easier to use. The cloud docs link you sent is the same help menu within the version I'm using and I find cumbersome, not easy to get answers fast ...have to know exactly where to navigate to for the answer, which takes time in and of itself. So thanks for sending the other link. 🙂 
Thanks for all your help today, much appreciated! 

Great news.  We have just brought the context sensitive help back for IT Asset Manager pages 🙂