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FNMS License Expiry

we have 2 customers

1) a customer who has a perpetual FNMS license

2) a customer who has a subscription FNMS license

Both customers want to know what will happen after the license expires.  will the product continue to work?  will the system not allow logins?


Please advise?

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If you have FNMS On-Premises and the license is expired, then you will not be able to log into the FNMS user interface.  You will receive an error message.

If you have Flexera One and the license is expired, then you will be able to log in, but in the Navigation menu on the left, you will not have anything to select.

thank you @kclausen noted !!  but can we have access to the data, can we login and see contracts?   can they see the latest reports and dashboards on Cognos?

@nandinisapru - No, nothing will be available from the UI as it will not be available.  The customer will need to renew their license and have it applied before they can log back into the UI.

ok noted so then what about Cognos?  will that be available please? @kclausen 

Cognos would not be available either.  To access Cognos, you must first log into FNMS.