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Vcenter pulling NDI with localhost


Anyone has faced this issue while flexera is pulling vcenter inventory from beacon. Some host NDI are coming with localhost.

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yes, we also having this issue on FNMS 2022R2, I even have (only a few) VMs linked to a host with the name "localhost" - but lots other VMs listed as "does not have a host"

Is there any solution by Flexera?

No. Even no one responded in community as well from flexera. If case will increase , we will raise a support case.

Were you able to check the vCenter WebUI to check the source data? Also, did you check the resulting NDIs? I think I have seen some occasions where some fields in vCenter were not populated properly, that might translate into the inventory files?

Yes, have seen in vcenter & it showing correct name. Even in NDi also, its showing the correct hostname of host.

for me Im getting lost in the WebGUI (https://[vCenter-IP]/mob)

But I just downloaded latest esxQuery tool

and the vCenter itself comes in by IP, but the the other ndi files as "localhost"

( at 20230602T134334 (VMware).ndi
localhost at 20230602T134331 (VMware).ndi
localhost at 20230602T134332 (VMware).ndi
localhost at 20230602T134333 (VMware).ndi

The are all different in size and contain quite some data...

First line looks like:

<Inventory Tracker="18.3" Audience="Machine" UserName="system" Hardware="True" Software="False" DateTime="20230602T134331" Type="Full" Scope="localhost" ServiceProviders="VMware">

I will create a support case here soon

Hi @Steffen 

Did you ever get an answer for this from support or elsewhere?  I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.


Hi Ryan,

beacuse of priorities I never opend up a CASE here...we are just starting to evaluate new OnPremRelease 2023R2 and after that - if problem is still around ...we will see....



Hi all - just to let you know - I just opened up a case here - will give further feedback once Flexera updates me... (case: #02817576)

yes, we also having this issue on FNMS 2022R2, I even have (only a few) VMs linked to a host with the name "localhost" - but lots other VMs listed as "does not have a host

Hi, I received some feedback from Flexera - apparently this is down to a missing DNS config on the vCenter...

Here is an extract out of the case:

From your ndi's we can see this is using the DNSHostName under the VMWARE_NetworkAdapterConfiguration section
Name="DNSHostName" Value="localhost"/>
"HostIdentifier" Value="meXXXXX3esx9"/>

The only way to get this to work correctly is configure DNS in your vmware

see if you can Edit the DNS and IP Address Settings of the vCenter

Alternatively As a temporary workaround
If you cannot update the field in vCenter, you can try and manually change the value for Scope on line 4 of the vCenter NDIs.

I'm still investigating with low prio...


finally I got this topic resolved. Unfortunatly Flexera Support could not explain to me, how the "wrong" localhost is reteived - I was hoping to get some instructions for the vCenter mob interface to validate this - but I failed. If you want Flexera to have correct hostnames (not localhost) the DNS Config inside the vCenter must be correct.

In my case this config is not present:

A vCenter Admin can view the SourceData, Flexera is using here:



greetings - Steffen