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vCenter inventory bug

Hello Community,

Today when I worked with the vCenters I possibly found some bugs regarding vCenter inventory.

  1. If the name of the vCenter is changed by the admin, FNMS will create 2 separate entry and duplicate the consumption. For example the original name of the vCenter was localhost, the .ndi file is gathered and the vCenter is created, after some time, the vCenter admin changed the name of the vCenter to his fqdn name, now the second inventory is created with a new name, doubled the consumption, and so on. Lucky for us, that I was aware and deleted the original inventory. 
  2. Same issue with the vCenter installed after a different name, we have a agent that is auditing the Windows Server where the vCenter is installed, and gather the MSI evidence, but we also target the same vCenter for VmWare audit, gathering the name of the vCenter, which is different from the host name, and we have 2 separate inventory in all inventory page, doubling the license consumption, when they should be one. 
  3. I don't have an example of this, because is not in our infrastructure, but what's happen when you install the vCenter after IP address, with FNMS 2020 R1 this issue is fixed, and the vCenter is recognized as 10-10-10-10 instead of, what's happen when we install the agent on the vCenter and gather the FQDN and ip address, again I think they will be not matched.

Has some one from community encountered this issues? 

Thank you all for your support and I wish you all a nice weekend

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Please create a support case if you believe that these are bugs.