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VMWARE vSphere Remote Office & Branch Office ROBO License needs which setting at use rights & rules or?

Hi, we are using FlexNet Manager Suite 2023 R1 and have VMWARE vSphere Remote Office & Branch Office ROBO License for our Branch Offices. This License count against VM's on Host's not located  at the Datacenter. So the License type is set to "Device" but then it counts against the Host and not the VM's. Did someone has already a solution for this kind of license setting at FNMS. Thanks Armin

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It's not completely clear to me whether you're claiming there's a mistake in Flexera's product use rights for this particular SKU, which SKU did you use to create the license from?

If not, maybe the Intelligent license allocation and exemption will help facilitate use cases like this one?


the SKU is VS7-RBSTD25-C.

if you compare LicenseComliance/all License(here it counts 4) and Vmware Inventory (here it counts correct per vm) see pic.

VM_ROBO_under_all_Lic.PNGVM_ROBO_under_VMware-Inventar.PNG thanks

Using the "Intelligence location allocation and exemption" capabilities that @JohnSorensenDK referenced may be the way to go here, as long as you can find some way to configure a report listing all the VMs you want to have covered by the license.

For example:

  1. Link the Remote Office Branch Office Standard VM license to application(s) that you know are installed on all VMs.
  2. Configure a report to list all the VMs that you want the license to cover.
  3. Configure the license to allocate to devices listed in the report.
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Hi, we tried using the "intelligent license allocation and exemption" feature to pin ROBO license with report however no report is visible from drop down list. Is there any particular way we should create/save this report to make it visible? Thanks!


I'm most likely asking the obvious questions that you already verified but did you save it as a public report and does the report return any inventory devices?


Hi John, Hi Chris,

I am still trying to find a solution. I will be back.

Thanks, Armin