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Unable to fetch the Flexera Analytic after upgrade 2021 R1

Hi Team

We are unable to fetch the Flexera Analytic from report after successfully upgrade of 2021 R1. 

Could you please help to use investigate and share your input to fix. The cognos smaples report are successfully imported but we couldn't fetch the information of Flexera Analytic from the FNMS webUI. Error shows like below,

It appears that Cognos is not installed or configured for use. Speak to your FlexNet Manager administrator about setting up Analytics. You may return to the dashboard.

Manojkumar Kottaisamy
(3) Replies

You may need to work with Flexera Support on this.  My guess is that you may have missed a required step during the upgrade that is required by Cognos.

Could you please suggest what steps might be required while upgrade for cognos. Because I don't find any error while upgrade and configuration. Can you please share your input.
Manojkumar Kottaisamy

There are upgrade steps for Cognos in the "Upgrading FlexNet Manager On-Premises" PDF document for 2021 R1.  Look for the chapter labeled "Upgrading Flexera Analytics".