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Tableau local installs covered by SaaS User license

We have Tableau Creator licenses, which is a SaaS product, licensed by user (FNMS license type = SaaS user)

This product gives us rights to Tableau Desktop, which is a locally-installed application, which is showing up in our Unlicensed Applicaitons.

I've connected the Tableau Desktop application(s) to the Creator license. A full reconciliation has run overnight. However, Tableau Desktop is still appearing in our Unlicensed installs and shows "0" relationship to licenses, which is wrong. Is there some kind of disconnect happening elsewhere, insomuch as Tableau Desktop is a device-based metric product, and I'm connecting it to a SaaS User license???

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Level 16 Champion


I haven't had the chance yet to use the "SaaS User" license type. I would assume that in contrast to a "User" or "Named User" type license, FNMS will not try to identify installations related to these users/their computers.

Could you try changing your license to "Named User" and run a reconcile?

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If you want consumption of a license based on what software is installed, then you CANNOT use the metric of "SaaS User".  The SaaS User metric assumes that the application is a true SaaS application where there are no local installations of software.

In order for your Tableau license to consume and pick up local installations of software you should set the metric of your license to a vanilla "User" metric.  

With this metric, any User that has an inventory device with the associated application installed on it will have license consumption.  You can also force license consumption by allocating users to the license.

How does the "SaaS User" license type work for On-prem customers? I'm struggling to find any info on it.

Does it require an adaptor/connector built for it to work? Connects to SaaS Manager? Is it more just a placeholder license type? How does it reconcile.

(Sorry to bring this topic back up, closest thread I could find)

If you are managing licenses for software that is deployed on premises then the "SaaS User" license type is likely not relevant. This license type is used to represent entitlements you have to use SaaS services.

Licenses with this type are commonly created by some kind of import process. For example, this type of license will be created if FlexNet Manager Suite/Flexera One ITAM is configured to import license details from Flexera One SaaS Management functionality or Salesforce.

Here are some links to pages which discuss various aspects of the above points:

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