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Software License migration/clone from Prod to dev vice Versa

Hi Forum,

I'm seek guidance from you, on scenario related to Software licenses. Is there any possibility to move processed software from Production to Development instances seamlessly through backend?

Could anyone provide their insights/best practices /any relevant experiences regarding this?

Your inputs would be highly appreciated.


Reshma Banaganapalli


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I think that the easiest approach is to process purchases in both environments, but I would encourage others to chime in with their experiences.


By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

@Resh_wabtec  I agree with @JohnSorensenDK . I have dealt with this situation at multiple customers where they are maintaining a FNMS instance in multiple environments. Exporting purchases and licenses from FNMS and importing them to another system is challenging at best. You will need to review the data for missing required fields for matching purchases to licenses. The best thing to do is create a copy of your purchases to be processed in your Dev environment or vice versa.

We have a best practice that all our purchases and licenses are processed in a pre-production system before completed in production. Our license SMEs will process the purchases twice. It is not a significant level of effort to do twice since once the PO and license are processed and created in one environment you can use it as reference and quickly process and rebuild in your other environment.